37 Fizz Candy Science and Fun Learn With Candy Lessons

Fun fizz candy science and candy STEM activities (like how do Pop Rocks work and the Mentos explode experiment!), and teaching with candy ideas! Creative sweet treats lesson plans for classroom, homeschool science activities, and learning with kids at home.

fizz candy science cartoon stomach with candy pop rocks next to it

Fizz Candy Science and Candy Lessons for Kids

18 Fun Candy Ideas for Learning

Candy Fun Ideas for Kids:

  • Play fun candy games / study games
  • Do the Starburst candy sculpture experiment
  • Listen to a podcast and learn about fizz candy ingredients and what makes popping candy pop
  • Study is Pop Rocks and Coke dangerous
  • Make a candy sensory bin for sensory play
  • Make rock candy
  • Use Hershey Bars for fractions
  • Create (and eat!) edible slime candy
  • Graph sink or float candy and learn about surface tension
  • Make jelly bean toothpick structures to study atoms
  • Learn with candy math books
  • Do candy corn math (great for Halloween candy activities!)
  • Make candy jewelry
  • Learning colors with candy by sorting (Skittle color sorting)
  • Do a Starburst science experiment
  • Learn cotton candy art
  • Practice angles and shapes with thin licorice laces
  • Do candy STEM activities (like the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment)

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Want to listen to the Pop Rocks Fizzy Stomach Science Parent Busters podcast episode?

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CANDY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS text above cartoon science experiment bottles and exploding candy

Candy In The Classroom: Candy Lesson Plans for Preschool and Up

Candy Teaching Resources [Candy Learning Ideas]

These are great candy activities classroom, homeschooling lessons, and fun STEM at home with kids from preschool to classroom games for middle school!

  1. Listen to a podcast episode on are pop rocks dangerous
  2. Do candy math activities (fractions with chocolate bars, math with candy types, Skittle graphing, etc.)
  3. Learn How To Play The Candy Bar Game
  4. Do fizzy candy cane science projects
  5. Learn colors with candy (sort M&Ms, Skittles, etc.)
  6. Add these edible candy craft ideas
  7. Play candy games like this and this
  8. Get creative with candy art projects
  9. Make DIY candy jewelry
  10. Candy corn counting and math (great fall candy activity or Halloween candy fun)
  11. Learn about candy making
  12. Make a candy lab and play a candy making game for candy STEM (like this or this) – great for edible art projects for classroom, too!
  13. Make snow taffy candy
  14. Do a candy erosion experiment
  15. Make a candy cane learning center for holiday lessons [get candy cane activities and ideas here]
  16. Have fun with a fizzy candy balloon science project
  17. Try the Mentos and Coke experiment
  18. Play this super funny candy game
  19. Do an M&M genetics activity
  20. Make a Starburst candy sculpture

Candy Books for Kids To Read

Have fun with the fizz candy science and activities to learn with candy!

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