Learning About Fairy Rings Fairy Activities and Gnome Lesson Plans illustrations of red mushroom with garden gnome peeking from behind and a flying fairy on top

Learning About Fairy Rings (Gnome and Fairy Activities For Kids)

Fairy Rings: Kids Activities for Fairies and Gnomes Today, we’re diving into the enchanting world of fairy circles (fairy rings) and mushroom gnomes with fun fairy activities, kids’ gnome books, and the science behind fairies for fun STEM projects! Imagine walking through a lush meadow, covered in vibrant flowers and tall grass. Suddenly, you come …

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Fairy Circles and Mushroom Gnomes Podcast Episode graphic of the Parent Busters podcast episode

Fairy Circles and Mushroom Gnomes Podcast Episode

Fun Facts About Fairies For Kids (Fairy Circles and Garden Gnomes) Welcome to the Fairy Circles Podcast for kids with Jackie & Ella from Parent Busters. We’re covering all about those fairy rings mushrooms lawn circles and even throwing in some garden gnome fun facts! What are some fun kid facts about fairies and gnomes? …

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Fun Facts Mardi Gras Parent Busters Podcast art

Fun Facts Mardi Gras Day Podcast Episode

In this Fun Facts Mardi Gras Parent Buster Podcast episode, we talk about the fascinating history and fun facts of Mardi Gras that will keep kids entertained — from the origins of the Mardi Gras tradition to the unique costumes and Mardi Gras masks worn during the carnival celebration, this podcast will explore all the …

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A Kid's Guide to Valentine's Day Podcast Episode COVER ART

A Kid’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Podcast Episode

A Kid’s Guide To Valentine’s Day, a fun Parent Busters Podcast episode covering the history of Valentines Day for students and parents and fun facts for February for kids. Chocolate, Cupid, and Chaos: A Kid’s Guide to Valentine’s Day In this fun holiday Parent Busters podcast episode, we’ll the fun facts about Valentine’s Day for …

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Black inventors and inventions for kids to study

Black Inventors And Inventions List For Kids To Study

Fun list of Black inventors and inventions for kids to study during Black History Month, STEM studies, or fun history ideas or Black heritage lessons throughout the year! Interesting List of Black Inventors And Inventions (Fun African American Inventors Kids May Not Know About) Black Inventor: Lewis Latimer (1848-1928) Latimer is known for his work …

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