fizz candy science cartoon stomach with candy pop rocks next to it

37 Fizz Candy Science and Fun Learn With Candy Lessons

Fun fizz candy science and candy STEM activities (like how do Pop Rocks work and the Mentos explode experiment!), and teaching with candy ideas! Creative sweet treats lesson plans for classroom, homeschool science activities, and learning with kids at home. Fizz Candy Science and Candy Lessons for Kids 18 Fun Candy Ideas for Learning Candy …

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Pop Rocks Myth Candy Podcast Episode wacky podcast art with mom and daughter on dark background

Pop Rocks Soda Explosion Podcast Episode [Podcasts About Candy]

Heard the pop rocks soda explosion myth? In this fun family podcast episode we cover where are pop rocks made and how pop rocks were invented, can pop rocks be dangerous, and we’ll even cover the famous Mikey pop rocks and soda death! Keep listening to this science podcast episode because we also make it …

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