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37 Fizz Candy Science and Fun Learn With Candy Lessons

fizz candy science cartoon stomach with candy pop rocks next to it

Fun fizz candy science and candy STEM activities (like how do Pop Rocks work and the Mentos explode experiment!), and teaching with candy ideas! Creative sweet treats lesson plans for classroom, homeschool science activities, and learning with kids at home. Fizz Candy Science and Candy Lessons for Kids 18 Fun…

Spaghetti Play Ideas and Learning About Pasta for Kids

Spaghetti Play Ideas African American cartoon girl looking over a plate of different pasta shapes graphics

Fun spaghetti play ideas, spaghetti activities, cooking pasta teacher resources, and lesson ideas for learning about pasta with kids. A ton of fun spaghetti lessons ideas for your classroom, homeschool, or learning at home for kids. Spaghetti Play Ideas and Lessons On Pasta For Students These are great pasta activities…

Urine Lesson Plans [Fun Facts About Pee For Kids To Learn]

urine lesson plans cartoon kid with magnifying glass looking at diagram of kidney on yellow background

These urine lesson plans including how do you explain the urinary system to a child, urinary system project ideas, pathway of urine and where does urine come from, urinary system facts for kids, and other fun urinary system activities teaching resources for classroom and home learning for what is urine…