35 Barbie Lesson Plans And Kids Activities

Barbie lesson plans and fun Barbie activity ideas for kids! Great to go with the Barbie movie, pop culture lessons, fashion activities, or learning about history of toys and more fun kids activities!


Fun Barbie Lesson Plans For Kids


Introduction to Barbie (History Of Barbie): Begin with an introduction to Barbie, explaining what she represents and her significance in popular culture. Discuss how Barbie has evolved over the years.

Barbie’s Historical Timeline: Create a timeline of Barbie’s history, including key milestones, changes in design, and notable collaborations. This activity helps students understand the evolution of the Barbie doll.

Barbie’s Impact on Society: Engage students in discussions about how Barbie has influenced cultural perceptions of beauty, fashion, and careers. Encourage critical thinking about the positive and negative aspects of this impact.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Barbie: Explore how Barbie has evolved to be more inclusive over the years, with different body types, skin tones, and careers. Discuss controversies about Barbie and why representation in toys is essential.

Famous Barbies: Introduce students to special edition Barbie dolls representing famous women from history, science, and the arts. Have them research and create presentations on these inspiring figures.

Barbie and Fashion: Have a fashion-themed lesson where students design their own Barbie outfits, considering historical fashion trends and modern styles.

Barbie Around the World: Learn about Barbie’s popularity and adaptations in different countries and cultures. Students can research and create presentations on Barbie’s global influence.

Barbie’s Careers: Discuss Barbie’s various professions over the years, from astronaut to CEO. Have students envision their own dream careers and create Barbie dolls that represent those roles.

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Fun Barbie Themed Activities For Kids

Barbie Doll Fashion Show: Organize a fashion show where students can dress up their Barbie dolls in various outfits, encouraging creativity and imagination.

Barbie Storytelling: Prompt students to create stories featuring Barbie dolls, incorporating historical events or imaginative scenarios.

Barbie Craft Projects: Engage students in crafting activities like making miniature furniture for Barbie’s dream house or designing and decorating Barbie-sized accessories. (You can also do a Barbie cooking craft!)

Barbie Museum: Set up a “Barbie Museum” in the classroom or virtually, displaying Barbie dolls from different eras and inviting students to curate and present information about each doll.


Barbie Book Club: Select age-appropriate books about Barbie’s history and invite students to read and discuss them together.

Barbie Movie Day: Watch Barbie movies that feature historical themes or important life lessons, followed by discussions about the messages conveyed in the films.

Barbie Q&A Session: Organize a Q&A session with a guest speaker who can share insights into the design and creation of Barbie dolls.

Barbie Time Capsule: Have students create a time capsule, filling it with Barbie-related items, letters to their future selves about their thoughts on Barbie, and predictions for Barbie’s future.

Barbie Advertising and Marketing: Explore the different advertising campaigns used to promote Barbie over the years. Discuss the strategies employed and how they have influenced consumer behavior.

Barbie vs. Stereotypes: Engage in discussions about gender stereotypes and how Barbie has been both criticized and praised for challenging or reinforcing them.

Barbie Collectibles: Introduce students to the world of Barbie collectibles and the hobby of doll collecting. Have them research rare and valuable Barbie dolls and present their findings.

Barbie Fashion Through the Decades: Study fashion trends from different decades and how Barbie’s outfits reflect the styles of each era from mod to hippie culture to grunge and beyond. Students can create collages or mood boards representing these fashion eras.

Barbie Design Challenge: Conduct a design challenge where students are tasked with creating a new Barbie doll, complete with a backstory, personality, and unique accessories.

Barbie Science Experiment: Connect Barbie to STEM by conducting simple science experiments like Barbie’s Shadow Time. Teach students about the movement of the sun and shadows by using Barbie dolls to track the movement of shadows throughout the day. Students can mark the position of the shadow at different times and discuss how the sun’s position affects the length and direction of the shadow.

Barbie Puppet Show: Have students create puppets representing Barbie characters and put on a puppet show based on historical events or original stories.

Barbie’s Dream Vacation: Explore geography by having students plan a dream vacation for Barbie to a specific destination, learning about the culture and landmarks along the way.

Barbie Interview Project: Divide students into pairs, with one student playing the role of Barbie and the other as an interviewer. They can prepare questions about Barbie’s life, experiences, and perspectives.

Barbie and Body Image: Discuss body image issues and the influence of toys, media, and society on children’s self-perception. Encourage students to reflect on the importance of self-acceptance and embracing diversity.

Barbie Movie Analysis: Watch a Barbie movie together as a class and engage in a film analysis discussion, focusing on character development, plot, and underlying messages.

Barbie and Friendship: Explore the theme of friendship in Barbie movies and how characters support and help each other throughout their adventures. Encourage students to reflect on the value of friendship in their own lives.

Barbie and the Environment: Raise awareness about environmental issues by discussing Barbie’s environmental impact and sustainable toy options. Students can brainstorm eco-friendly ideas for Barbie products.

Barbie Photography Contest: Let students use their creativity to take photos of Barbie dolls in various settings or situations. Organize a photography contest and display the entries in the classroom.

Barbie Empowerment Workshop: Host an empowerment workshop where students can share their dreams and aspirations, inspired by Barbie’s various careers and accomplishments.

Barbie Theater Production: Divide students into groups and challenge them to create short skits or plays featuring Barbie and her friends, incorporating themes of kindness, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Barbie Historical Debate: Organize a classroom debate on various controversies surrounding Barbie throughout history, such as body image concerns or cultural representations.

Barbie Virtual Museum Tour: Arrange a virtual museum tour featuring exhibits about the history of Barbie and her impact on popular culture, technology permitting.

Barbie Time Travel Adventure: Design a time travel adventure game where students travel back in time with Barbie to different historical periods, learning about significant events along the way.


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