Weird Body Challenges Podcast Episode with Parent Busters Podcast art and podcast waveform

Weird Body Challenges Podcast Episode

Ever heard of those weird body challenges? You know, elbow licking, tongue rolling, sneezing with your eyes open and more? Well, get ready to explore the wild world of body myths! Ever wondered why most people can’t lick their elbows or touch their noses with their tongues? Join us in our latest episode as we …

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BIRD LESSON PLANS FOR KIDS - funny bird stickers on a blue background with cartoon clouds

Fun Bird Lesson Plans And Activities for Kids

Bird lesson plans are fun nature activities for kids topics. Not only does a birds unit study introduce children to the fascinating world of our feathered friends, but they also provide a hands-on approach to learning about biology, ecology, and the environment. Creative Bird Lessons Plans For Fun Study Unit Ideas FUN IDEAS FOR LEARNING …

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What Does Birdbrain Mean Podcast Episode podcast title and Parent Busters podcast art

What Does Birdbrain Mean Podcast Episode

What does birdbrain mean? Not only do we talk about where does bird brain come from, but we fly into how the phrase ‘bird brain’ has long been used as an insult, suggesting that someone lacks intelligence. However, our latest episode of the Parent Busters podcast delves into the surprising truth about avian intelligence, proving …

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Bigfoot Games And Big Foot Activities for Kids bigfoot outline on a background of yellow and brown with white trees

21+ Bigfoot Games And Activities for Kids

Tons of ideas for Bigfoot games, Bigfoot crafts, lessons about cryptids and cryptozoology, understanding hoaxes, and more fun kids activities on Big Foot! Great companion learning ideas to go with the Bigfoot podcast! Creative BigFoot Games and Ideas for Learning About Cryptids FUN IDEAS FOR LEARNING ABOUT BIGFOOT, CRYPTID CREATURES, AND CRYPTOZOOLOGY KEEP SCROLLING! Huge …

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Bigfoot Legend Podcast Episode (Something's Afoot With Bigfoot) podcast wave art with text

Bigfoot Legend Podcast Episode

The Bigfoot legend is the topic of this fun podcast for kids and parents to listen and learn together! Learn about Sasquatch fun facts, what is the Woodbooger, all about cryptids and cryptozoology for kids and more! Exploring the Bigfoot Legend and Sasquatch Fun Facts For Kids In This Podcast About Big Foot.. We’ll take …

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