About Parent Busters Podcast

The Parent Busters Podcast cover with mother and daughter in funny poses

The podcast that challenges the questionable things parents tell kids.

That’s right. We said it. We’re checking out all those unusual things our parents tell us and then get mad when we don’t believe them. And, maybe even a few things you’ve told your own kids like:

▶︎You’ll catch a cold by going outside with wet hair!

▶︎Don’t swallow watermelon seeds or they’ll grow in your stomach!

▶︎And what’s up with people saying they can light farts on fire? (Thanks a lot, DAD…)

We’re getting into all of this & MORE because we want our parents to know that we’re not the weird ones, they are.

WHO ARE WE? We’re Jackie & Ella, a mother-daughter homeschooling team who often gets distracted by super crazy tangents and topics — like how when Jackie was a college professor she used to tell her anatomy class that they could drink their own pee in an emergency. (You can learn if she’s right in one of the episodes!) (And, gross, btw…)

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Topics we discuss

If you like weird things AND like to laugh, then join us as we look into all those bizarre tales, myths, misconceptions, and yes, even lies, that our parents told us like:

You can only balance an egg during Spring Equinox.

Too much chocolate gives you pimples.

If you cross your eyes too much they’ll stick that way.


Goals of Our Podcast

Besides amusing ourselves? Oh, OK…

We hope to:

Inform and educate in a FUN way

Inspire parents to continue learning beyond the podcast with their children

Continuously improve and deliver the best content for parents to motivate families to learn together

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