33 Fun Firework Activities For Kids

Need firework activities for kids? Huge list of firework crafts for toddlers and kids, 4th of July art activities, patriotic crafts, red white and blue ideas for kids, and learning about July 4th!

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Best Firework Activities For Kids

Easy Firework Activity Ideas

  • Make fireworks art with frayed toilet paper tubes acting as stampers.
  • Create red white & blue craft fingerprint art.
  • Make edible crafts with red white blue layered desserts or red white & blue popcorn.
  • Do a spinning top fireworks painting with a tops dipped in red, white, and blue paint and then spun inside a box like a shoebox.
  • Create a colorful salt fireworks craft.
  • Make fork fireworks with plastic forts dipped in paint.
  • Make a July 4th inspired sensory bin or patriotic sensory bottle.
  • Stamp fireworks in clay with stampers and cookie cutters.
  • Create messy play fireworks with red, white, and blue colors in shaving cream.
  • Make red white and blue rice krispie treats.
  • Make an American flag pom pom craft.
  • Search family fireworks near me and go to a firework show!

KEEP SCROLLING! We’ve got a list of fun fireworks and July 4th lessons, sparkling ideas, and fireworks crafts for kids below! Great for Fourth of July arts and crafts for preschool and up!

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How do you make fireworks with a toddler?

These simple and hands-on activities will engage your toddler’s senses and foster their creativity, but be sure you use only materials that are safe and non-toxic for your child!

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  1. Paper Plate Fireworks:
  • Take a paper plate and cut slits around the edges, like the rays of a star.
  • Help your toddler paint the plate using red white and blue fingerpaints.
  • Once dry, your toddler can hold the plate and wave it in the air like fireworks!

  1. Pom Pom Fireworks:
  • Gather a variety of colorful pom poms in different sizes.
  • Have your toddler to dip the pom poms into washable tempera paint and stamp them onto the cardboard to create firework patterns.

  1. Sensory Bottle Fireworks:
  • Fill a clear plastic bottle with water and baby oil, leaving some space at the top.
  • Add glitter, sequins, and metallic confetti into the bottle.
  • Securely seal the bottle and let your toddler shake it to see the glitter and confetti swirl, resembling fireworks.

  1. Pipe Cleaner Fireworks:
  • Give your toddler a bunch of colorful pipe cleaners.
  • Show them how to twist and bend the pipe cleaners to create firework shapes.
  • Encourage your toddler to experiment with different combinations and designs by twisting and bending the play fireworks. (Great for fine motor skills play!)

  1. Playdough Fireworks:
  • Use playdough in red white and blue.
  • Using firework cookie cutters or stampers like this, make clay fireworks.

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Need fireworks activities for kids? Huge list of firework crafts for toddlers and kids, 4th of July art activities, patriotic crafts, red white and blue ideas for kids, and learning about July 4th! DIFFERENT IMAGES OF JULY FOURTH CRAFTS AND KIDS ACTIVITIES

Red White Blue Fireworks Crafts, Games, and Ideas for Kids

Fireworks Themed Crafts and Fourth Of July Projects For Kids

Fireworks Craft: Create fireworks-inspired crafts using paper, glue, glitter, and finger paints.

Cook Patriotic Foods: Make red, white, and blue food recipes. GET PATRIOTIC FOODS FOR KIDS HERE

Fireworks in a Jar: Fill a clear jar with water, oil, and food coloring to create an explosive fireworks effect for a fun patriotic sensory jar.

Fireworks T-Shirt: Decorate plain white t-shirts with fabric paints to resemble fireworks or grab a tie-dye kit like this and make a red, white and blue craft t-shirt.

Fireworks Glow Dance Party: Have a dance party with glow sticks and play music with fireworks-themed lyrics. LEARN MORE ABOUT HAVING A GLOW DANCE PARTY HERE

Fireworks Sensory Bin: Fill a container with colored rice, sparkly confetti, and small firework-shaped toys for a sensory experience. LEARN HOW TO COLOR RICE FOR SENSORY PLAY HERE

Fireworks Chalk Art: Use colorful chalk to draw and decorate firework designs on the sidewalk or driveway.

Fireworks Science Experiment: Conduct a science experiment to understand how fireworks work using baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. Get a firework science project here.

Fireworks Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where kids search for various firework-related items or pictures.

Fireworks Playdough: Add glitter and colored beads to red white and blue playdough to represent fireworks.

Fireworks Balloon Pop: Fill balloons with confetti and pop them to mimic the burst of fireworks. (Or, try these patriotic poppers that are a lot of fun for July 4th parties!)

Fireworks Memory Game: Create a memory game using cards or pictures of different firework patterns.

Fireworks Snack Mix: Make a festive snack mix using pretzels, popcorn, chocolate candies, sprinkles and edible glitter in red, white, and blue.

Fireworks Stamping: Use toilet paper rolls (fray the edges!) or sponge cutouts to dip in paint and stamp firework patterns on paper.

Fireworks Coloring Pages: Print out coloring pages with firework designs for kids to color and decorate.

Fireworks Bubble Wrap Painting: Dip bubble wrap in paint and press it onto paper to create firework-like prints.

Fireworks Balloon Rockets: Launch balloon rockets that mimic firework launches.

Fireworks Freeze Dance: Play music and have kids dance like exploding fireworks, freezing when the music stops.

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Have fun with these firework activities for kids and your Learning After Listening kids activities!

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