Pop Rocks Soda Explosion Podcast Episode [Podcasts About Candy]

Heard the pop rocks soda explosion myth? In this fun family podcast episode we cover where are pop rocks made and how pop rocks were invented, can pop rocks be dangerous, and we’ll even cover the famous Mikey pop rocks and soda death! Keep listening to this science podcast episode because we also make it pop with an explanation of coke and mentos experiment & MORE!

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Pop Rocks Soda Explosion Myth and Candy Fun Facts for Kids

What happens when you mix Pop Rocks and soda?

The concern about mixing Pop Rocks and coke came from an urban legend about Mikey from the Life cereal commercials dying after drinking pop rocks with soft drinks. Contrary to popular beliefs, this pop rocks and soda death did not happen, no can pop rocks kill you when you mix them with Pepsi, Coke, or any other carbonated beverage. In fact, eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda will just make you burp more! So, if you’re wondering are pop rocks dangerous, you don’t need to worry!

Where To Listen To The Pop Rocks Soda Explosion Podcast Episode

Want to know how do pop rocks work, are pop rocks banned, do pop rocks pop in your stomach, and more, check out our podcast candy episode on this topic!

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Lessons On Science Of Pop Rocks and Mentos Experiment for Kids

Want to add learning fizzy science, what makes Pop Rocks crackle, and learn about Mentos candy fizzing science, check these out!

What were Pop Rocks supposed to be?

If you’re wondering who came up with pop rocks, it was chemist Dr. William A. Mitchell. Pop Rocks were accidentally invented when Dr. Mitchell was working on an instant powdered drink. When tasting the drink, he realized that the powder capsules with carbon dioxide popped in his mouth. The patent for Pop Rocks refers to them as “gasified candy” due to the CO2.

Podcast Episode Show Notes on Pop Rocks Myth

Today’s Parent Buster podcast episode covers the pop rocks urban myth about pop rocks with Coke / pop rocks and Pepsi!

We’re bursting to share the answers to:

  • Are pop rocks dangerous?
  • Can pop rocks kill you?
  • Are pop rocks banned? 
  • (And, if not were pop rocks ever banned?)

Then, we get popping by covering:

  • What is pop rock? (And Where buy pop rocks?)
  • Who made pop rocks? / Who invented pop rocks?
  • Pop rocks how do they work
  • Are pop rocks harmful?
  • Do pop rocks pop in your stomach?

We’ll even cover that pop rocks rumor about pop rocks Mikey (everyone’s favorite pop rocks myth), including are pop rocks dangerous and can you die from pop rocks?

You’ll burst with joy when we turn into master fizzyologists and let you listen to several different examples of pop rock while giving you pop rocks fun facts.

Then we’ll pop over into even more fizzy science with that minty Mentos myth when we talk about the Mento candy experiment.

Sweet fun facts about Pop Rocks and more!


Highlights and Fact Corrections From the Pop Rocks Candy Podcast Episode

*GET YOUR OWN POP ROCKS HERE (and here are the Pop Rocks bars we mentioned on the episode)

*How do they get carbon dioxide in the pop rocks?

They cover a little of it toward the end of this video.

*Book About Pop Rocks

Here’s the pop rocks book we talked about on the fizzy stomach science podcast candy episode.

*William Mitchell’s Inventions [Inventor of Pop Rocks]

Read all about the creator of Pop Rocks, William Mitchell, and the other fun things he invented that we talked about on the podcast. Read about him here.

*Hey Mikey Commercial

Here’s the famous “Mikey” at the heart of the urban myth about the pop rocks and soda death.

Learn more about what really happened to Mikey (John Gilchrist is Mikey’s real name).

*Fact Checking Ella’s Tangent: Was silly putty used in construction?

“When the Japanese invasion of Asia threatened America’s rubber supply during World War II, chemists at General Electric began looking for a synthetic substitute. James Wright stumbled upon an odd concoction: a stretchy material that withstood decay and bounced 25 percent higher than rubber. When left untouched, this “solid liquid” flowed in slow motion and when struck sharply, it broke into pieces. Wright failed to find a wartime use for the goofy goo. Afterward, this “bouncing putty” or “nutty putty” amused guests at parties but did little else until toy marketer Peter Hodgson decided to list it as a novelty in his catalog. Hodgson hired Yale students to fill colorful plastic eggs with one-ounce blobs of “Silly Putty.” These he sold for a dollar, just in time for Easter.” [Museum Of Play]

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