Cake Deflated After Stomping Podcast Episode [Podcasts About Baking]

Wondering if cake deflated after stomping is a myth (or if slamming the oven door causes a cake to fall)? What happens if a cake that deflates with noise and a does a souffle loud noise cause it to fall? In this week’s podcast episode, we’re covering old wives tales about baking, baking in ancient times, as well as baking history in America.

Cake Deflated After Stomping Parent Busters Podcast Episode

Cake Deflated After Stomping: Does A Cake Shake Ruin a Bake?

Can stomping cause a cake to fall?

If you’re wondering does a cake deflate after stomping foot, the short answer is no. There is no reason that jumping around a cake or even making loud noises around a cake causes it to deflate. Will the cake collapse for other reasons? You bet! There are many other reasons for your cake to deflate that we’ll cover on the podcast episode!

On this baking podcast episode, we’ll cover baking history, baking facts and myths, including why do cakes deflate after baking sometimes and so much more!

Podcast Episode Show Notes on Cake Falling

We’re beating the batter out of that old wives tales about baking: Can jumping cause a cake to fall?

In addition to don’t stomp, the cake will fall, we’ll also cake your day with sweet information like:

  • Will loud noises make a cake fall?
  • Who invented boxed cake mix?
  • Will the cake collapse if… scenarios.
  • How Romans jailed people for bread.
  • And what does Mark It With a B mean in the pat a cake rhyme.

Don’t get too deflated because we’ll also cover an interesting list of cakes facts for kids and parents, including what’s up with that Marie Antoinette Let Them Eat Cake quote and the shocking history of cakes walks.

Eat all the info up on this fun cake baking podcasts!

Where To Listen To Baking Cake Deflating Podcast Episode

In this week’s fun family podcast episode, we’ll cover can Jumping make a cake fall (why and why not), history of baking in America and around the world, and shocking history of cake walks, and more! Check out the baking podcast episode on this topic!



Lessons On Science Baking and Baking Activities for Kids

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How does the Patty Cake rhyme go?

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Pat it and prick it, and mark it with B. Put it in the oven for Baby and me.

*In our baking podcast episode, we talk about the history of the pat a cake poem / pat a cake origin (hint: not a Mother Goose Rhyme!), the pat a cake rhyme meaning, and what does “Mark it with a B” really mean in baking history?

Highlights and Fact Corrections From the Cake Shake Ruin A Bake Podcast Episode

* Is yeast a leavening agent?

Yes, yeast is a leavening agent. Leavening agents release gases that cause things like cake batters and bread doughs to expand and rise. It also creates the porous structure of breads and cakes and this is how “bubbles” help cake rise.


*FACT CHECK: There are 1500 species of yeast.

TRUTH. Yeasts are eukaryotic, single-celled microorganisms (fungi) that currently have about 1,500 yeast species.

*FACT CHECK: Is yeast a mushroom?

Yeast and mushroom both belong to the fungi family. While they are not the same, they are closely related. However, yeast is unicellular, while mushrooms are multicellular organisms.

*What will happen to your cake if it has too much liquid?

Why does using too much of the moist ingredients make a cake fall? If you use too much moisture (like milk, eggs, water, or water moist ingredient your cake recipe calls for), it will make your cake rise unevenly or even make them fall.

*Is salt important in cakes?

What happens if you don’t add salt to cake? Forgetting to add salt to your cake probably won’t ruin your cake (and definitely won’t cause it to fall). However, adding the salt ingredient enhances the flavor of cakes. If you’re using it with yeast (like with bread), it serves a more important function to help the bread rise slowly and become more stable.

*FACT CHECK: 17th century France bakers were almost as important as church power

“Bread was considered a public service necessary to keep the people from rioting…Bakers, therefore, were public servants, so the police controlled all aspects of bread production.” [Smithsonian]

*FACT CHECK: Giving brown bread to a high level official in Rome was punishable by jail. (What was meant by “brown bread”)

Check out this interesting history of bread.

*CORRECTION: Jackie said “flattened leavened bread” when she really meant “unleavened bread.”

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