Can’t Break Egg In Hand: True or False? [Learning About Eggs For Kids]

Is can’t break egg in hand a myth or truth? We’ll cover breaking eggs in hands, egg STEM activities, and fun egg lessons for kids. Here’s how to learn about eggs in fun and engaging ways, including ideas for egg theme preschool classroom lesson plans, elementary school and middle school ideas, and high school lessons!

Cant Break Egg In Hand Egg Lessons for Kids cartoon girl holding egg in hand with broken egg below

Fun Can’t Break Egg In Hand and Egg Lesson Plans For Kids

These are great for chicken lesson plans preschool (including where do eggs come from for preschoolers), or egg lesson plans middle school, high school, or elementary school! Just adapt the learning to your age group lessons.

How do you explain eggs to a child?

Ideas for egg lessons:

  • Observe different kinds of eggs
  • Talk about the connect between chicken earlobes and egg color
  • List out egg facts for kids / egg biology facts for kids
  • Do science free lesson plan and activities about eggs
  • Play a learning about eggs game (fun for explaining eggs to preschoolers and kindergarten)
  • Read animals that lay eggs books and animals that hatch from eggs
  • Learn how to cook eggs 10 ways
  • Color eggs with natural food dye
  • Learn do snake eggs look like chicken eggs?
  • Find the answer to how do amphibian reptile and bird eggs differ?
  • Make some egg recipes
  • Do an egg buoyancy experiment to see if eggs float / eggs are bad
  • Add the can’t break egg in hand to your science lesson plan for preschool and up!

See the full list of egg lesson plans ideas and can’t break egg in hand activities below!

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What are 10 facts about eggs?

Fun egg facts for kids:

  1. Eggs are very strong! The dome part of the egg on either end are the strongest parts of the egg.
  2. The egg white is called the albumen and egg yolk is vitellus.
  3. Eggs contain protein, which is good for building muscles and giving you energy!
  4. A group of eggs, especially in a nest, is called a clutch.
  5. A bee hummingbird lays the smallest egg in the world.
  6. Brown eggs are not necessarily healthier than white eggs.
  7. You can sometimes tell what color egg a chicken will lay by looking at their chicken earlobes!
  8. If the bloom, or protective covering, has not been washed off of an egg, it can be kept on the counter and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
  9. The older the hen laying the egg, the larger the egg size.
  10. The number of folds in a chef’s hat can mean the number of ways they can cook eggs!

Now on to the egg-related activities for kids of all ages!

Egg Lesson Plans Ideas and Egg STEM Activities for Children

Egg Lessons for Kids text with a brown haired cartoon girl holding an egg with a broken egg below her and a cartoon chicken peeping from behind

Have fun with these egg lessons, egg activities, and testing if you can’t break egg in hand!

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