Is It Easier To Balance An Egg On The Equinox? [First Day of Spring]

Can you balance an egg on the equinox? The balance an egg on spring equinox is something you see going around each Vernal Equinox and a ton of can I balance an egg on equinox videos on social media. We’re covering when can you balance an egg on its end (and how to balance eggs) and even some Spring lessons plans and egg experiments and resources for kids!

Is It Easier To Balance An Egg On The Equinox an egg balancing on a table with a person's hands in the background

How To Balance An Egg on the Equinox

Is it a myth that you can balance an egg on Spring Equinox?

The answer is yes and no. It all depends on the egg and your skills. With some practice, you can balance an egg on Spring Equinox… or any day of the year! So, it is a myth that you can balance an egg only on Spring Equinox and has nothing to do with equal gravitational pull on those days.

What day of the year can you balance an egg?

The equinox is an astronomical event that happens twice a year, in March and September, when the sun crosses the equator. It is sometimes said that it is easier to balance an egg on the equinox, but this is not actually true. However, it is possible to balance an egg on the equinox or any day of the year using the steps described below.

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What happens during Spring Equinox?

Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, is a time of celebration and new beginnings and a time of rebirth and renewal. People often celebrate Spring Equinox by spending time outdoors. They may go for walks, enjoy picnics, or take part in other outdoor activities. Many people also celebrate by attending religious services or special ceremonies. And, yes, some people even try egg balancing on equinox!

The spring equinox is a time of year when the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are of equal length. It usually occurs around March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere and September 22nd in the Southern Hemisphere. The spring equinox is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and is celebrated by many cultures around the world.

Some like to say that you can balance an egg on the equinox because of the equal gravitational pull between day and night on that day. However, that’s a myth. Balancing eggs has nothing to do with a date and everything to do with skill!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate (balancing an egg or not), Spring Equinox is a special time to connect with nature and the changing seasons. It’s a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Be sure to enjoy it!


Where did the balance an egg on equinox myth come from?

The origin of the egg myth is a little murky, with some saying it was passed down from Chinese folklore. The myth of being able to balance an egg on the equinox comes from the belief that the balance of day and night is at its most perfect on the equinox. This balance is said to be so delicate that an egg can stand upright on its end, representing the equilibrium. Some people also believe that eggs balanced on the equinox will hatch on Easter.

Can you balance an egg on the solstice?

If you can balance an egg on equinox, you can probably also balance an egg on solstice. But, it’s all due to your egg balancing skill (and a lot of practice!) and nothing at all to do with if the date falls on the solstice or not.

EQUINOX EGG BALANCE EXPERIMENT: egg balancing on table with teen in background with mouth open in awe

How to Balance an Egg On Equinox

How to make an egg stand up equinox (or solstice or any other day):

1. Make sure the egg is straight on a flat surface. If it is crooked, it will be more difficult to balance.

2. Use a flat surface to balance the egg on. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. If it is wet or dirty, the egg will not balance correctly.

3. Start with the biggest dome part of the egg on the bottom.

4. Hold the egg between your thumb and forefinger (both hands) on both sides. This will give you more control over the egg.

5. Gently spin/rotate the egg slightly around until it balances. Do not hit or shake the egg (or the table you’re using!). Instead, gentle rotate the egg, little-by-little, and let go (just a little!) of both sides and see if the egg is balancing. If it doesn’t, rotate a tiny bit more and test again. Repeat the process until you get a feel for your egg.

6. Practice makes perfect! The more you balance eggs, the easier it will become! (Jackie did it four times!)

Watch a video on how to make an egg stand up equinox (or any other day of the year!)

Easy Way to Balance an Egg On End

Another way to balance an egg is to make a small mound of salt. You can easily sit the egg upright in the salt, then gently blow away the salt from around the egg. The egg will balance on the few remaining salt grains!


**This is also a great lesson to add how to spot hoaxes, test viral content authenticity, and fact checking lessons for kids. Common Sense Media has a good section on this.

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We hope you had fun learning how to balance an egg on the equinox!

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