Urine Lesson Plans [Fun Facts About Pee For Kids To Learn]

These urine lesson plans including how do you explain the urinary system to a child, urinary system project ideas, pathway of urine and where does urine come from, urinary system facts for kids, and other fun urinary system activities teaching resources for classroom and home learning for what is urine in simple language!

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Fun Urine Lesson Plans For Kids

These work for urinary system lesson plans high school, body system activities for middle school middle school, and STEM elementary school learning resources!

How do you teach the urinary system?

How do you explain the urinary system to students:

  • Watch a video on the urinary system
  • Learn urinary system anatomy and do urinary system projects
  • Trace the path of urine through the body with urinary system activity worksheet
  • Learn some fun facts about pee
  • Play urinary system games & activities
  • Do urinary system interactive activities (like blowing up balloons to see how a bladder fills with urine)
  • Study how long for water to come out as urine
  • Use body anatomy felts or models to help kids understand the urinary system
  • Listen to a fun family podcast about pee! (link below)

See the full list of urine lesson plans ideas and urinary system class activities below!

Want to listen to the Urine In Trouble Now Parent Busters podcast episode?

10 Fun Facts About The Urinary System

  1. The bladder is a balloon-like organ that stores urine.
  2. The average person produces up to 2 liters (a little over 8 cups!) of urine per day.
  3. Urine is usually a pale yellow color, but it can vary depending on what you eat or drink, what medications you take, or if you are healthy or sick.
  4. Certain foods and drinks (like beets) can give your urine a reddish or pinkish color.
  5. Pee can stay in the bladder for around 5 hours before we release it from our body!
  6. Urine contains 95% water and 5% other substances, including urea, chloride, potassium, and sodium.
  7. Pee is NOT sterile, despite that being a widely-spread myth.
  8. Most kids pee around 5 times a day.
  9. Peeing has a scientific name: micturation.
  10. Urochrome is a pigment in urine and what gives urine its yellow color!

Now on to the urinary system for kids activities!

Urinary System Anatomy for kids cartoon boy looking at a cartoon drawing of the urine system with a magnifying glass

Urine Lesson Plans Ideas and STEM Activities for Children

Have fun with these urine lesson plans and activities!

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